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Q. Can I install a wood burning fireplace?
A. A solid fuel stove or insert must comply with EPA Phase II. Some cities do not allow new installations of solid fuel burning appliances. It is best to check with the local building authority before you procceed.
Q. Can I burn wood in my fireplace?

A. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) has banned the use of fireplaces on certain days. Please check before you burn!

Q. How are these hearth products heating more efficient today?
A. Whether you choose a gas, wood or pellet hearth product, you can efficiently heat your space or zone. In some cases you may not be able to heat your entire home, but while your in your living space, an efficient insert or stove may keep the furnace from running and heating rooms you are not in, at a fraction of the cost. New hearth products range 71%-88% efficient while traditional masonry, factory built or non EPA fireplaces and stoves are 10% to 50% efficient. Simple, more heat for less money and fuel.
Q. How often should i service my hearth appliance?
A. Your fireplace manual will probably recommend to maintain and service your appliance at least annually or more frequently in some cases. It is for your safety that you annually service your appliances. Summer months are a good time for service.
Q. Should the chimney be cleaned and inspected before installing a new appliance?
A. Yes. We include the cleaning and inspection in the cost of our installation.
  ***Pay attention to spare the air days.
***Always read your appliance manual.